Monday, 1 July 2013

July 1st - Happy Canada Day!

Ześć!!! I survived the week!! It was so much fun!! It was cray but I loved every minute of it! HAPPY CANADA DAY!!

Last night after nightly planning Sister Petherbridge was saying the prayer and she’s so funny. Her polish is brand new so she’s trying to say lots and sometimes it doesn’t work out. (It wasn’t long ago that I did the same thing..still do) she said something and I lost it, just burst out laughing right in the middle of her prayer. I could not keep it together I laughed and laughed. I got myself together and she started again and then I cracked up all over again! It’s a problem I clearly got from the both of you! The Elders Quorum President here called me Siostra śmieszka which means smile/ giggly or one who laughs a lot. It was one of the nicest compliments I have ever received. Being happy is the best thing in the world!

This week we finally got our conference additions of the ensign. I read one a day. It is the most amazing thing ever!! This morning I read Beautiful Morning by one of the 70 and it blew my mind again!! I remember hearing the talk in the MTC and loving it. The talk reminds me of how I want to be! I have a tiny reputation for being happy and it brings me such joy! I want to be happy for the rest of my life and he said in his talk that he had a roommate who was always a beam of happiness and it was because he had an understanding of Jesus Christ and his atonement. I know that being on my mission is going to help me become exactly who I want to be because the closer I am to the Savior the happier I will be and the longer I am on my mission the closer to him I become! So it is a new goal of mine to be happy zawsze!! If I am remembered for anything, I would be thrilled for it to be that.

This week was a roller coaster of emotions! First of all you know how close I get to people in a short amount of time and its only amplified on my mission. I had to say goodbye to two of the elders serving in my district and that was hard. We had so much fun this transfer. I truly consider them friends but I know that they will do such great things! I think the mission will help with goodbyes. Transfers will probably get easier. I just have to think of it as an opportunity to meet even more awesome people! The branch threw a little pizza goodbye party and that was fun.
On Thursday we went to the train station to get our new companion!! Her name is sister Petherbridge! She’s hilarious. She is 5'10 and towers over Sister Packard and Its really fun! Now that we are three of us something happened. I just had to step it up! I had to be a good example for her. It was like the Lord gave me a bunch of new confidence and I just started talking to everyone by myself!! My language is improving!! I can understand so much more now and I am so excited to learn even more!! By the time I call at Christmas I will have learned so much more! Its a great feeling!!

All 3 of our names end with a P. Sister Packard, Sister Pearson and Sister Petherbridge.. the 3 pea's in a pod! It gets confusing but the members will love it! I have such a love for my branch!! They are all so wonderful. Its so fun to help them and watch them all grow! There is a man here named Rafał and he has been bringing his "friend" Ewa to church and to activities. We think they are secretly in love but he wants to get married in the temple so we need to teach her so they can get married!! But she’s not really interested yet. We have been taking things very slow, lots of fellowshipping and last week she had a big job interview and she asked us to pray for her!! So we did!! All day long and on Sunday she came to church and she told us SHE GOT THE JOB!! She told us she knew that it was because we were praying for her and she said she prayed too for the first time in a reeeaally long time! I was able to just testify and share with her that prayer really does work and she can have so much more happiness in her life and get help and answers and that God ALWAYS listens to our prayers!! It was so amazing!!
On Saturday we are going to KRAKÓW!! and she is coming!! Tha’s the city I went to with Kiko when I traveled here from Ukraine! Its beautiful! I can’t wait! We are hoping to teach her there! We are having a BBQ with the branch in Kraków!

We also taught Sylwia this week! We watched President Monson’s talk on obedience and it was so good! Kamil, her boyfriend, has started the non smoking program with the Elders so hopefully he gains a desire to hear about the gospel and they can progress together!! He see's how happy this gospel makes Sylwia. I really hope he will want to have that happiness too!

We also taught Virginia! We went to her house and watched the restoration! She liked it! She said we can teach her about the plan of salvation next time! She loves and misses her husband so much! I know it’ll bring her peace and happiness so I am so excited!! She is having us over for the 4th of July (she loves America)

Ola is doing great too! She is coming to FHE (family home evening) tonight. She wants to come to church so bad!! We are praying there is a change in her work so that she will be able to come so please pray for her too! I appreciate your prayers truly!!

This is such an amazing work! I am so glad I am here being a part of it!! It definitely has its challenges but it is AMAZING!! I am so happy and words just can’t describe my happiness!!! Awe, you got to talk about me to the ward! That’s nice! You were probably way too kind but its so encouraging to know that I have so much love and support from home :)
This church is true!! I have never been so sure in my life and I am sooo happy I get to share it with the people here in Poland!

Love you,

Sister Hailey Pearson

Sister Petherbridge, our new companion. This picture is when she arrived at the mission home and was given the assignment to serve with Sister Packard and I.

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